THE MISFITS (Beginning in December 2016) Published by IDW Publishing. Art by Jenn St-Onge. Colors by M. Victoria Robado. Covers above for issue #1 (L to R): Jenn St-Onge, George Caltsoudas, M. Victoria Robado. 

“OUR SONGS ARE BETTER,” part 1! Their songs may be better, but the Misfits have lost their label and nobody will touch them in the music business. On the ropes and desperate to get back on top, they’re forced to consider the worst case scenario…A MISFITS REALITY TV SHOW. Though it promises the chance to get them back in the spotlight, it comes with a heavy, privacy-destroying price. Learn how The Misfits initially got together and in the process learn all their secrets!

You can buy single issues or trades of MISFITS in comic book and book stores everywhere, also on AMAZON and digital editions on COMIXOLOGY. You can also find signed issues/trades at the STORE link.