HAWKEYE (Dec 2016 - Present) published by Marvel Comics. Art by Leonardo Romero. Colors by Jordie Bellaire. Covers by Julian Totino Tedesco.

Remember Hawkeye? No not that Hawkeye, our favorite Hawkeye, the chick who puts the hawk in Hawkeye, the butt-kicking hero who had to save the other Hawkeye's butt all the time. Yup, you know her, it's the dazzling Kate Bishop making her solo comics debut! Kate is heading west and returning to Los Angeles, with her bow and arrow and P.I. badge in tow. There are crimes to solve and she's the best archer to handle ‘em! The City of Angels has a new guardian angel. The talented duo of Kelly Thompson (A-Force, Jem and The Holograms) and Leonardo Romero (Squadron Supreme, Doctor Strange) bring you a Kate Bishop like you've never seen her before, in a brand-new ongoing series that really hits the mark!

VOLUME 1: ANCHOR POINTS (collects Hawkeye #1 - #6) art by Leonardo Romero and Michael Walsh, colors by Jordie Bellaire.

VOLUME 2: MASKS (collects Hawkeye #7 - #12) art by Leonardo Romero and Michael Walsh, colors by Jordie Bellaire.

HAWKEYE: GENERATIONS “THE ARCHERS” - 30-page one-shot (2017) starring Kate Bishop and Clint Barton. Art by Stefano Raffaele, colors by Digikore.

COMING SOON - VOLUME 3: FAMILY REUNION (collects Hawkeye #13 - #16, and Hawkeye Generations) art by Leonardo Romero and Stefano Raffaele. Colors by Jordie Bellaire and Digikore.

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